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Declutter Your Space

From Marie Kondo to The Minimalists, minimalism is a practice that we are either going

to adopt willingly or unwillingly. Living a minimalist lifestyle is about being clutter free. It allows one to feel more organized and these days, the clutter around us is the one thing that we can actually control.

Decluttering your space can be fun. How long it takes, depends on you and your clutter but it doesn’t have to take forever. You may choose to organize the items you need by colour, usage, function or even your daily routine. There are many organizers out there that are both stylish and functional, so you won’t have to compromise your aesthetic for function. POPSUGAR has actually put together many lists of stylish organizers to help you declutter your space, from organizing your makeup to your pantry.

You can start your decluttering process by recognizing the items you no longer need and getting rid of them. You can also start by simply picking one cupboard in your kitchen to clean out, spend five minutes at a time cleaning out the space (if time isn’t something you have in abundance). So, don’t worry if you can’t find the time to clear everything out in one day, you can start with clearing out the few items you know you absolutely do not need and never use. You can also take part in the 12-12-12 challenge, that is to throw away 12 things, donate 12 things and pick 12 items to return to their original spot in your home. The 12-12-12 challenge really allows you to understand what you can and cannot live without.

Think about what people see when they come into your home and maybe start there instead. What does your entry space look like? Is it inviting or does it make people want to leave immediately? Decluttering can be a long process, so start with the little and work your way up to the big.

Moreover, decluttering doesn’t have to apply only to your space, it can also apply to your face. Last year, Bioré launched their #skinmalist campaign, which allows you to unclog your pores by providing skin care products that allow for a deep clean with the use of only one product. Not to mention, adopting a minimalist lifestyle, has a better effect on the environment.

We hope that this year you are able to find some time to clear out all the things in your space and your life you no longer need and only hold onto the things you really need.

Happy Decluttering!

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