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2020 Wrap Up: Top Digital Marketing Trends of The Year

Digital marketing has taken over nearly every industry this past year. From the beauty industry to Ikea furniture, digital marketing has been vital in ensuring brands stay relevant and in touch with their customers during these unpredictable times.

Digital marketing has evolved a great deal in 2020 but there were a few trends that brands have really embraced. We have put together a list of the most effective and most trusted Digital Marketing tactics and trends of 2020.

1.​ ​Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing acts as a form of social media marketing that involves product endorsements and promotions by individuals that have a substantial following on social media platforms. Consumers tend to trust social media influencers more than they do traditional advertisers. Throughout the year, ​Tagger​ media has shared insights on how

influencer marketing has changed different industries this year. Influencer marketing is a force to be reckoned with and has made its power known this year more than ever. It has been proven that influencers can boost in store and ​online sales​ and help increase brand awareness amongst desired consumers. For 2021, every company big or small, should invest more time and resources into influencer marketing.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is helping to make digital marketing more efficient. We all know what AI does. It predicts and improves customer recommendations and experience based on your online activity. AI makes brands’ interaction with customers easier (i.e. chat boxes) and it allows brands to be more in touch with their customers needs. As AI technology expands and gets smarter, it allows companies to amplify the content they produce, more and more. It has become a key part of digital marketing and it will only continue to grow in 2021.

3. Video Marketing

Video Marketing allows companies to develop trust with their customers. It increases conversation about the company along and also increases customer engagement. Not to mention, video marketing increases SEO and the amount of time a potential client may spend on a company’s website. Video marketing will only continue to grow in 2021.

4. Stories on Social Media

Stories on Social Media help brands and individuals add a more personal touch to their business. Even ​LinkedIn​ got in on the action this year and it has been a resounding success. Companies can use stories to take polls to increase customer engagement. It gives customers the opportunity to be more connected with the brands and the influencers they follow. If companies are not already using social media stories as a way to engage customers and build brand awareness then they need to make it a habit in 2021.

5. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) has become increasingly more important and more present during the pandemic. AR allows customers and clients to have unique experiences with a brand via the comfort of their own homes. From trying on ​shoes​ to testing out a new colour couch for your ​living room​, AR has given customers the chance to still be in store without actually being there and it has given brands the chance to stay relevant and in touch with their clients during the pandemic. AR is a digital marketing trend that is definitely here to stay for 2021 and we think it will only get better.

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