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Cue Digital Goes Mobile with Blis Partnership

- Technology enables marketers to harness the power of location and understand real-world behaviour - 

TORONTO, January 3rd, 2019 – Cue Digital, the online media sales agency that delivers engagement to the most lucrative consumer audiences in Canada, today announced a partnership with Blis, the global leader in advanced location data technology. Together, the two companies will deliver location-based media solutions that enable brands and agencies to reach audiences at moments of intent.


Blis’ location-based advertising solutions pair accurate first-party location and contextual data with validation technology that scrubs out fraudulent and inaccurate data. Their Smart Pin technology filters all incoming movement data multiple times, while their Smart Scale technology detects and stores relationships between Wi-Fi addresses and specific geo-locations ensuring that accurate location targeting takes place. 


“As mobile continues to grow and becomes the gateway to the internet, brands that want to be successful are making location the foundation of their media strategy,” said David U.K., CEO, Cue Digital. “With data accuracy and scale at the core of Blis’ location technology, Cue Digital can deliver effective location-based advertising ̶ in safe, premium environments ̶ that drives business outcomes for our clients.” 


This proprietary technology gives marketers the power to engage consumers at the right location, at the right time, when they are in the right mindset. With an understanding of real-world consumer behaviour, it is possible to drive measurable real-world foot traffic to a specific location and influence the consumer decision making purchase process. 


“Cue Digital has an impressive portfolio of best-in-market digital advertising platforms and our partnership comes at the right time, when location data continues to prove its value across the marketing and advertising landscape,” said Gil Larsen, VP, Americas, Blis. “This partnership--a first of its kind for us in Canada-- will help us both better serve customers in the country.”


Founded in 2004, Blis is an award-winning pioneer in advanced location data solution with offices that span the world from New York to Sydney. The partnership with Cue Digital is a first for Blis in Canada, and is aimed at meeting the growing demand for mobile-first, location-led advertising campaigns in this market.


“We are proud to partner with a market leading company like Cue Digital, and look forward to working together to enable highly effective location-based marketing across Canada,” added Neil Cooke, Director, Global Partnerships, Blis. “Together we will continue our commitment to serve as leaders in digital advertising solutions across North America.” 


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About Cue Digital

Cue Digital is the online media sales agency that audience-first publishers trust to deliver cool and cohesive experiences for brands and the consumers who adore them. Their consumer obsessed philosophy has led to the development of innovative in-house products and solutions ̶ from content creation to amplification and distribution ̶ that are transforming the future of digital advertising. Cue Digital reaches over 18 million unique Canadians for premium publishers each month, including more than 80% of millennials. Find more information about how Cue Digital delivers engagement to the most lucrative consumer audiences at


About Blis

Blis is the global pioneer in location data. The company's proprietary technology and platform helps agencies and brands use location data to better understand consumer behaviour, allowing for effective targeted advertising to drive business outcomes. The Blis team believes that where you go defines who you are, and advertisers must capitalise on these insights for meaningful marketing experiences across devices. Blis' technology filters and scales location data, giving advertisers access to the most accurate location events, location data, and unique devices. The data is then applied across the apps that matter most to their consumers for targeting based on rich insights. Clients are supported by location experts or can work in an agnostic service model of their choice.  Since creating the world's first location data technology platform in 2004, Blis has grown to be a global company with 29 offices across 5 continents. Blis' clients include all major holding companies as well as leading brands in top verticals including Samsung, McDonald's, HSBC, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot. To learn more, visit

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